Vote For The Athletic Gaines-Ruden Report Football Player Of The Year

After a long list of memorable accomplishments over the past three months, it is time for you to decide who was the very best of the best. We have selected five outstanding finalists for the Athletic Gaines-Ruden Report Football Player of the Year award.

They are: Ridgefield’s Jackson Mitchell, New Canaan’s Grant Morse, Greenwich’s Gavin Muir, Darien’s Mike Neary and St. Joseph’s David Summers.

The winner will receive a custom-made long-sleeve T shirt with name and uniform number on the back.

Here are the finalists and their statistics, according to MaxPreps:

Jackson Mitchell — Ridgefield: Mitchell finished with 80 receptions for 1,124 yards and 13 touchdowns. He also had three interceptions on defense.

Grant Morse — New Canaan: Morse finished with a team-high 99 tackles and five sacks, was 9 for 9 on field goals and was the Rams’ punter.

Gavin Muir — Greenwich: Muir completed 206 of 328 passes for 2,901 yards, with 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions. He also rushed for four touchdowns.

Mike Neary — Darien: Neary was the leader on both the offensive and defensive lines and finished second on the team with 7.5 sacks.

David Summers — St. Joseph: Summers has completed 209 of 314 passes for 2,962 yards, with 44 touchdowns and just four interceptions (heading into Monday’s Class S final). He also rushed for five touchdowns.

Those are the five finalists. You have until noon on Wednesday to select the Athletic Gaines-Ruden Report Football Player of the Year.



  1. Why don’t you just call it the FCIAC Top 5 teams players of the year – no reason why the player from Darien should be included on this list but I guess you couldn’t leave Darien off the list – could you. The RB from Wilton a pretty good season.

    • Hey Bill, you don’t know what you’re talking about guy. Best linemen in the league.

      Also these are high schoolers, way to argue against one of them being on the list rather than just making an argument for someone else. Real mature.

  2. Allowing players that have been charged and arrested is shameful. In addition two of the three players have been charged and arrested before. What kind of message does this send to our students

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