The Ruden Report Podcast: Former Staples Boys Lacrosse Coach Paul McNulty

On this week’s episode of The Ruden Report Podcast, Paul McNulty shares the story about his decision to step down this week as Staples’ boys lacrosse coach due to anticipated parental interference.

Thanks to Aiden Blanc for handling the sound editing and production.

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  1. Dave..met you earlier today at Colony in Norwalk…thanks for what you do…have a bit of advice for all these HS coaches who are getting crucified by the parents…listened to Coach McNulty and what he said speaks volumes…he talked about e mails and texts from his parents/players…I have a simple rule ……you want to say something to me …you come to my house and talk to me face to face or you call me on the phone…you watch how quickly the electronic cowards disappear! keep up the good work…I’m a big fan….Tom Keegan

  2. With little doubt, the quality of your high school program is largely dependent how the youth league feeder programs are run. Take Darien youth travel lacrosse as an example: Players on both the A and B teams are largely played with equal playing time. The 8th grade football teams were divided among three teams — the only town that did so among the FCFL for that year. This keeps the kids interested and the talent funnel wide.

    Time for the Westport’s 8th grade parents to look themselves in the mirror and question if their youth programs are being run as inclusively as Darien and New Canaan. (And congrats for their FCFL win last season with their one 8th grade team).

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