The Ruden Report Podcast: Darien Girls Lacrosse Coach Lisa Lindley

On this week’s episode of The Ruden Report Podcast, Darien girls lacrosse coach Lisa Lindley discusses the problem of parental interference in high school sports in the third and final part of our series.

Thanks to Jackson Valente for his assistance with the production.

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  1. A comment if I may on this series and its content. I offer this from the perspective of a parent of a high school athlete (3 sports ) and as a coach (10 yrs. coaching 3 high school sports). Within the context of this dialogue regarding parental involvement there needs to be recognition of the monster we has been created- that being youth sports, summer travel programs and college recruiting. While abusive and innapropriate parental behavior can never be tolerated nor condoned, we certainly need to admit that we have created an environment and process where parents of today have considerably more “skin the the game” as opposed to 25years ago.

    I always like to say that my mother didn’t know the name of my high school coaches. However my parents weren’t expected to and under no circumstances where they willing to spend thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars on lessons, summer travel leagues, tournaments.- not to mention the travel costs involved. Some would like to say that it’s a personal decision – nothing could be further from the truth. The perception and message delivered is that these programs are required for the development of one’s athletic career.

    No one is to blame – yet everyone is to blame. However when 6th grade girls are traveling several hundred miles with their families to play in a lacrosse tournament because they have the impression that “they need to be there to be seen”- we have crossed way over the line of insanity. However that’s another conversation for other podcasts. With that in mind here is a suggestion for a series of podcasts. “The problem with high school sports – summer/ off- season programs.”

    Are we shocked that parents, who in many cases have been “sold a bill.of goods” having spent several summers – weeks/weekends traveling the lower 48 with their families feel they are owed a return on their investment. As I said, can’t excuse the behavior, however this environment with the commensurate financial and time commitment certainly serves as a catalyst for this behavior. . The bell curve for parents is the same for coaches and every other profession and “walk of life.” Maybe it’s time for all involved to exercise some balance and perspective from all sides – administration, coaches, parents and summer/ off- season programs.

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