Staples Assistant Football Coach Suspended

Jon Zames, an assistant coach on the Staples football team, has been suspended pending an investigation according to Marty Lisevick, the school’s athletic director.

The Wreckers have been preparing for their season opener a week from tonight at Bridgeport Central under their new coach, Phil Treglia.

Lisevick declined to comment on the reason for suspending Zames.

The Staples players had a meeting with school administrators yesterday afternoon.

Treglia was hired in June, over four months after Petroccio accepted the position at Trumbull. He was the offensive coordinator at Archbishop Stepinac in White Plains, which won the New York state title last season.

Zames, a strength and conditioning coach, was credited with keeping the team together during the offseason and overseeing the weight training program.



  1. I see my earlier comment was deleted after you revised your article, which brings me to ask, well, which is it? Did the athletic director comment or did he refuse to comment? You contradict yourself with your edit, but at least you removed the damning and misleading accusations.
    Do note: the Staples players and parents stand behind Coach Zames and the entire coaching staff 100%. Just for the actual record. #fakenews

  2. Wishing that the previous coach dies from a disease is something that shouldn’t be tolerated and we should applaud the school for their actions. As for this man’s supporters… speaks volumes about their character.

  3. Have you never said something you did not mean out of extreme frustration and anger and then later apologized? Must be nice to be perfect enough to not only cast judgment over those who do make mistakes, but also those who support them! Are you involved personally with the Staples football team? No? Then your opinion on the matter means nothing and your judgment of strangers speaks volumes about YOUR character.

    • Sounds like you’re on the team so good luck this upcoming season. Separately, I need to disagree. I’ve known Marce a long time. Doesn’t deserve that. I’m sure his former players would echo the same. Literally just heard what disease your coach referenced. Wow. I’m completely stunned. Doesn’t sound like someone who should be around high school kids.

  4. Its probably important to point out that Mr. Zames is a Westport town parent of two up and coming lacrosse and football players. These parents have been the subject of much discussion on the Ruden Report. Mr. Zames himself is probably, at least in part, responsible for the departure of Coaches McNulty and Petroccio. Two very professional and highly qualified coaches.
    Apparently Mr. Zames has a lot to learn about the difference between what he can say to his sons around the dinner table and what is appropriate in a locker room.

  5. 25 years ago we had a floundering football program and Coach P came in and brought us tremendous success. To even tell a group of teenagers on a football team you hope he dies from a disease is beyond comprehension. Goes beyond football. My guess is this is not an isolated incident. Probably not the attention Staples High School wants as I’m sure the media will be covering this as the facts come in.

  6. This is all comical! Coach Zames being even “partly responsible for the departure of Coaches P and Mac”…. really guy?! With full respect, nothing to do with multiple consecutive losing seasons and played out careers?! I guess if it’s the Ruden Report, it’s your gospel? Remember, believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. Trust me, comments were made, nobody is defending what was said but a heartfelt apology was made immediately which spoke volumes about character and standing up and facing mistakes head on. I’m learning there are so many in this world who have never made a mistake or said something out of anger & frustration and I’m thankful for people like you in this world.
    Adults, without the full story or being there in person, please stop with the “I heard, I’m told and I think”…
    Coach Zames is part of the best thing to ever happen to the Staples athletic program, we have all learned a powerful lesson and just want to get past this issue, play ball and have fun.

    • What lesson did “we all” learn? To keep our hands off the kids and not wish a deadly virus on the most successful coach in school history? Give me a break, ZAMES needs to be gone!

  7. Coach Mac and Coach P never had a losing season at Staples. Both are Hall of Fame coaches w/ multiple State Championship, stick to the facts.

  8. I have had great coaches as an alum and I never heard one say I hope someone dies of aids. You are a poor judge of character. I feel sorry that you work with the students… sad

  9. Perhaps “coach” Zames is a nice guy, but there seems to be a pattern of infractions by him stemming back to last year where he shamed a player by punishing him by making him sit in the middle of the field in front of his team and spectators. Also on more than one occasion slandering a past coach in front of others including little kids from the Pop Warner league. Then to wish death on a past coach by a nasty disease. Then to entice a kid to “come at me” and engage in a physical altercation, even if considered “horse play” is all inexcusable and in the last instance, most likely criminal. This is not a “one time thing”. It’s a pattern of ever increasing hostility.

  10. Eli – if you consider consecutive 6-4, 5-5 records a “winning record”, good luck champ. Have you played sports? I do. Our mindset (players and coaches alike) if you don’t make the playoffs or win a championship, it’s a losing season.
    Saint Bernie – I AM a student and glad you can cast the first stone. Please touch all our foreheads so that we can have your immortality.
    Today’s full grown adults are an interesting yet condescending & unforgiving bunch…

  11. Me again,
    Mike – Our Coach Zames shouldn’t apologize to Marce P. He apologized to US so drop it.
    Did Coach P offer an apology when he walked in to the weight room with his staff in tow, bags packed and car keys in hand to say he was resigning and we could go home?? No! Coach Zames was there to console a lot of hurt guys, some storming out after being told by Marce P that he was resigning effective immediately while we were standing there waiting for our coaching staff to start our workout. You “adults” have zero clue what a locker room looks like and zero clue what it feels like to have your “respected decorated coach” walk out on you so go get a clue before you continue with you presumptuous attacks. Coach Zames was there from day one and since and unlike you perfect beings, admitted to a mistake and man-ed up. We’d take his leadership over presumptuous, antagonistic, soft “perfect men” like all of you commentators ANY DAY!

  12. Hoping Marty gets rid of this guy and he stops getting credit for ‘holdng the team together’. When in reality he just weasled his way in when there was no staff to actually hire him. 3 years ago he did interview to be an assistant and for obvious reasons, was not someone the previous staff wanted around. Wonder why?

    This is pretty sad state of affairs and will probably not be the last time we hear (about him getting) in his own way and embarrass himself.

  13. Let’s focus on why this article was even out in the first place. Not about Coach P or that Staples went 5-5 two years ago. It’s about an ANIMAL who got in a wrestling with an innocent high school kid.

    • Totally agree. Found out today he was booted from 3rd grade LAX for grabbing a kid that led to a confrontation with the parent only to resurface 2 years later as president of LAX for PAL. LOL. How does that happen?

  14. JDR and Jeff Nelson – I would bet my scholarship neither of you started or have kids that are starter material… This man (Coach Zames) would teach you and your sons more about being a stand up person/athlete and man better than anybody else in your lives. We are literally laughing at the “alum” and touch guys commenting here. Like Coach Zames having our backs, we have his and would welcome a “debate” any day with all of you, any day, PLEASE let me know when (where would be our field) and we can coordinate publicly here… What Coach Zames has taught us is stand up and be held accountable for your actions and words, we are willing to stand up man to man here, are any of you??

  15. Anonymous- Respect the passion kid, but its misguided and misplaced. Use it on the field and enjoy HS football, because its fun and thats what its supposed to be about. This would be the part where you say ‘ we want to win and if we dont win its failure’ and as an alumn that won ( 3 state champ, 2 fciac champ) , i can say that its fun.

    Also- you cant bet what you don’t have.

    Best of luck wreckers, hopefully Cuck Zames will not be apart of any success the team has.

  16. Staples Alum – I’m a commit to D-1, I can bet….
    I want to enjoy HS ball and absolutely will enjoy my last year. Our issue is with misguided insight from alum and naysayers who are unforgiving and stuck in the past, that is not right and just indicative of today’s society that I have an issue with. Just so not good with computer cowards, really not. You have no clue who Coach Zames is and if you did know him and know what he’s done for us, as a Wrecker you’d get it. I’m going to sign off here bc it’s an argument with a bunch of softies stuck in the past and unwilling to understand another persons willingsness to stand up for what you believe. Signing off softies.

  17. Anonymous,

    smart move by signing off. Focus on the season. just for the record, I played Div 1 football in the Big Ten and don’t agree with everything you said. I would steer away a war of words with past alumni. you’ll see when you get to your division 1 school. good luck with that BTW. based on my experience this will be handled by the administrators. I read the bio’s of the coaching staff and saw he is the performance coach. again, based on experience I’m sure plenty of the kids on the team trained with him all year long which certainly justifies your allegiance to him. reading all these comments on this thread is a bit alarming. I don’t necessarily believe everything I read. However, there seems to be some history which raises many flags. I’m sure you guys have some type of booster club which will be involved to some degree whether that’s unbiased will be anyone’s guess. The way you guys treat head coaches and protect performance coaches is very comical. Best of luck in 2018!

  18. To all readers,

    I’ve been getting calls non stop for the last 48 hours from people with opinions on both sides of what happened. Some have asked me to take these comments down. I decided not to because I feel it would be a form of censorship.

    However, I have never wanted The Ruden Report to be a forum for anonymous people to have mud-slinging contests, with accusations that many times are intentionally false.

    For that reason, I am enacting a new policy, here and going forward. I will not publish comments by anyone unless their names and emails are verified. If you want to have a voice you can stand behind it. I welcome all such comments.

    On a personal note, I have no agenda here. I reported factual news. And that is why I’m reluctant to take down any comments. I feel badly for the Staples players, who have been through enough. I hope they can get past all of this and focus on football.

    – Dave

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