Poll: Who Is The FCIAC’s Best Quarterback?

New Canaan's Nick Cascione is one of five favorites for All-FCIAC honors at quarterback.
New Canaan’s Nick Cascione is one of the players that will be considered for All-FCIAC honors at quarterback. (Photo: Chris Cody)

One of the moves hailed by the FCIAC this season was to have a single All-League team, picking the best of the best. No more Little League mentality where everyone gets a trophy.

That also means some hard decisions will have to be made with a number of deserving candidates at many positions.

One of them is quarterback.

Though there are several weeks left in the season, for some reason the topic has come up with a number of coaches in conversations over the past two weeks. And there has been no clear-cut pick. About the only consensus has been that there are seven strong candidates for the honor: New Canaan’s Nick Cascione, Ridgefield’s Ryan Dunn, Staples’ Jack Massie, Wilton’s Brett Phillips, Trumbull’s Nick Roberts, St. Joseph’s Jordan Vazzano and Darien’s Silas Wyper. Each brings a different dynamic in terms of styles.

It will be interesting once the All-FCIAC voting is conducted how it all plays out. It is safe to say there will be a split vote.

So who do you readers think is the best quarterback this year? Here is your chance to vote. We will keep the open until noon on Friday.

Also, feel free to add a comment. One thing: no comments critical of any of the players will be posted. Please keep it positive.



  1. Nick Roberts is the best pure passer I’ve seen at the high school level in the many years that I’ve followed FCIAC football. He moves well in the pocket. He’s cool under pressure. He scans the field and finds the open man, and his numbers compare to the best in the state. Most importantly, his team wins.

  2. Nick C. Tough choice. Might have made room for the Ludlowe QB – White. A real good player, with good stats both running and passing.

  3. Cascione’s numbers aren’t even with playing full games… Imagine what the kid would have done with full games… Full games vs. Staples, St. Joe’s…. THAT’S IT!

  4. Vazzano has the strongest and most accurate arm in the league. @Bob what happened to Roberts when he played Shelton? Just curious, on your thoughts.

  5. This poll is hysterical. Maybe I’m just a realist but Vazzano is one of the only QBs in the state that even has potential to be a scholarship player at the next level to go along with Barmore (Southington) and Logan Marchi ( St. Paul’s). The other kids are good football players. Period.

  6. FCIAC is lucky to have so many excellent QB’s… Hard decision. I am a stat guy, and like to look at the facts… stats from MaxPreps. (Y/G – yards per game). In my analysis, decision is close but clear…

    Athlete Comp Att Yds Comp % Avg Y/G TD Int Lng
    Vazzano 129 234 2046 0.551 15.86 227.3 26 6 N/A
    Dunn 165 256 1830 0.645 11.091 183 24 5 68
    Phillips 93 190 1167 0.489 12.548 116.7 7 8 73
    Roberts 169 288 2918 0.587 17.266 291.8 31 9 95
    Cascio 103 163 1599 0.632 15.524 177.7 26 2 74
    Massie 82 142 1345 0.577 16.402 134.5 14 4 61
    Wyper 170 268 2205 0.634 12.971 220.5 18 10 81

    Remove emotion, and look at facts…
    (Sort order is intentionally random)

    • Looking at stats, it is pretty clear. Nick Cascione is the best QB in the FCIAC. What is amazing… besides the 26 TD – 2 INT stat… is that he has also gained more than 300 yards and has 7 rushing TD’s. All while averaging just over one half of playing time per game.

      To me, it’s not even close. #1 team, #1 QB.

  7. You simply cannot have a “best quarterback in the fciac” if he has 7 touchdown passes and 8 interceptions. Also I think record truly does have some part on how a Qb should be graded and wilton although they had a tough schedule did not get it done. Look at the facts Dave, Phillips just doesn’t get in there

  8. Well Bob, I disagree with what you have to say. You never mentioned the amount of rushing yards Phillips has rushed for so far. Plus, he is a great leader on his team and their record doesn’t change how great of a QB he is.

  9. I would agree with FCIAC fan Nick Cascione is the best all around quarterback in the FCIAC. I will disclose I may be bias as we train him at BlueStreak and the New Canaan football team. If this were a vote for the toughest QB I think Phillips hands down is the best. Phillips starts both ways and is on most special teams as well, I think he was even serving popcorn at halftime:) When I saw him play I thought it was “William Wallace” out on the field in pads. I had all sorts of respect for him after the New Canaan vs. Wilton game. I even heard NC fans saying they wanted to go shake his hand they were so impressed with him I was in the same boat!

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