Poll: Which Do Your Prefer: Sudden Death, Penalty Kicks Or Shared Championships?


It is one of those awkward feelings: the final gun sounds, you have just won a state championship, yet you don’t feel like celebrating.

That is the scene after some CIAC (and outside the CIAC as well) championship games in sports like soccer and field hockey. The CIAC declares co-champions if neither team produces a winning goal in the allotted overtime period(s).

And that was the case today for the Ridgefield boys soccer team, which won a piece of the Class LL boys soccer championship after a 1-1 draw with Glastonbury. It was a good outcome for the Tigers, who played a man down starting early in the second half.

It also raises an interesting question: what is the best resolution in soccer? You can keep the current system and have two teams potentially play to a draw and feel….sort of like champions. You could have the final decided by penalty kicks, as done in earlier rounds when a winner must be declared. No one likes penalty kicks as a tiebreaker, but is it preferable to a co-championship? Or would you rather give the players the opportunity to let it all hang out, and go to a sudden-death format where the two teams keep playing until a goal is declared.

Which is the preferable method? We will let you decide. The vote is open until noon on Wednesday.




  1. Having seen my share of co-championships (as a player and a coach), I am ambivalent. I see the desire to reward both teams if they’ve battled long and hard, but I also know the empty feeling both teams feel at the final whistle. One idea: play 5-minute overtime periods. After each one, remove one (or two) players from the field. Very quickly, things open up. And the team that can figure out how best to adapt will (hopefully) be rewarded.

      • Dave, Purists wouldn’t let a soccer match for a championship end in a tie! Dan’s idea is creative, they do that in the NHL with 4-on-4 overtime. As long as they get to a champion, I’d think anything would be better. Except maybe a coin toss.

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