Final 4: Vote for the BlueStreak-Ruden Report Fall Male Player of the Year


After a long list of memorable accomplishments over the past two months, it is time for you to decide who was the very best of the best. We have selected four outstanding finalists for our BlueStreak-Ruden Report FCIAC Fall Male Player of the Year award.

The winner will receive a trophy from BlueStreak Sports Training and The Ruden Report.

There will be a separate vote for the Football Player of the Year next month.

Here are the finalists, who were all named to the All-FCIAC and All-State teams, and their accomplishments (based on information submitted by coaches):

FILOSMAR CORDEIRO, WESTHILL SOCCER: Cordeiro finished with 19 goals and 7 assists and was named the most valuable player of the Senior Bowl.

MARC GUIRAND, STAMFORD SOCCER: Guirand was one of the state’s best defenders, and helped lead the Black Knights, in a rebuilding season, to the No. 6 seed in the FCIAC Tournament.

TREVOR HOPPER, RIDGEFIELD CROSS COUNTRY: Hopper won the FCIAC championship with a course-record time. He was Class LL and State Open runner-up. Hopper then won the New England championship with a course-record time.

JON PALMER GREENWICH SOCCER: A central defender, Palmer anchored a unit that allowed just 0.5 goals a game, with 12 shutouts, and helped lead the Cardinals to the FCIAC title.

Those are the four finalists. You have until noon on Wednesday to select the 2013 BlueStreak-Ruden Report FCIAC Fall Male Player of the Year.



  1. I don’t think there is enough information on John Palmer. Greenwich High School was ranked #7 in the country, Palmer has been a starter on defense since he was a sophomore. I think out of all the contestants he’s the one who has been the most consistent. Defense wins championships

    • I love that we have defensive players as finalists and not just people with big numbers, but it is also problematic in writing up the bios to describe what makes one worthy.

      • Also I don’t know how you couldn’t mention that Palmer shutout Filosmar agaisnt Westhill. I get it ok, offensive stats are more impressive, but in terms of value and overall talent, Palmer is an overall better player. Stats don’t explain everything. Truth is Filosmar played for a bad/mediocre team in Westhill which means they always give him the ball and he scores. I don’t see any stats about Palmer

  2. Filosmar Cordeiro has been an excellent player with tremendous skill and vision and is a key player for Westhill, all the games I’ve watched of his were jaw dropping games with excitement! Good Luck Filosmar Cordeiro we at Cosmos support you all the way!!

      • I cant stand for this made up crap. Please Dave fix this. Red Bulls is #1 ranked academy in the US. He never played against or for Red Bulls

  3. my vote is for Filosmar Junior Cordeiro, that kid play just like a professional player.
    over all that, Junior came from the land of best soccer in the would, thats explain why
    he is so good.
    good luck.

  4. Coming from a Greenwich student, I think it’s only right to give my vote to Filosmar Cordeiro.
    Although I would like to represent my school and it’s athletes, I really believe Cordeiro deserves to win this, he’s been an amazing player with much more potential. He also has really good sportsmanship and leadership on the field. By watching the games hes played against us, it is clear that he makes a big impact when he’s on the field!

    • You have got to be kidding me right?!? When he played against Greenwich, he didn’t do anything. He scored no goals last years against Greenwich, (Greenwich won 2-0) and he scored no goals against greenwich this year (greenwich won). So how can you say you watched the games? More potential? How many colleges would like to have a 5-6 player, who wouldn’t be able to endure the college game, than to have a 6-3 stout defender, who was the LEADER. Scoring goals doesn’t make you a leader and it certainly doesn’t win championships

  5. Even though I’m from Greenwich I realize that Cordeiro is a far superior player than the others nominated for Fall Male Player of the Year and deserves the recognition from others who are voting. Thank you

  6. Even though I go to Greenwich High School, I must say that Filosmar Cordeiro deserves to win. I have only heard good things about this super star and he deserved the title due to his hard work and extensive success. Cordeiro is far superior in comparison to the other players. GO FILOSMAR!

  7. Dave Ruden there is nothing to be skeptical about, they all go to Greenwich because they are all in my classes. Filosmar deserves it because he’s the better player. Jon is a defender. Case closed

    • Oh really? Because I’ve got the student directory in my hands as we speak, none of you appear in any grade, care to explain that? Not only that, but the fact that this is clearly Westhill kids posing as Greenwich students, as they all copy/pasted the same block of text changing little bits and adding a generic name, is downright sad.

    • Samuel D you must know NOTHING about soccer.
      “Jon is a defender.” Ok what are saying? He’s one heck of defender to have helped shutout this “prodigy” “amazing” player TWICE. This clearly shows you know nothing about soccer. Next time try a little harder.


  9. “Filosmar deserves it because he’s the better player.”

    Really? Jon lead his team to a 19-1-2 record, #1 state ranking, FCIAC Championship, and #7 national ranking. Westhill did not even make the FCIAC playoffs this year, and lost in the first round of states. When he played Greenwich, he was ineffective and Greenwich shut out Westhill 2-0.

  10. Filosmar Cordeiro is by far the best player. I don’t go to westhill and yet my vote is with him because he’s not only got amazing talent , he’s also a great leader . God bless and good luck junior !

  11. Filosmar Cordeiro deserves this award. After watching each player carefully, it is easy to say that Filosmar has the most skill and best sportsmanship out of all. Whether on or off the pitch he is always on track. Best of luck Filosmar!

  12. For all the GHS people talking about how Palmer led the team to a 19-1-2 record, remember that Greenwich had 8 or 9 players who made all fciac or all fciac west. Westhill had one all fciac and one all fciac west including Cordeiro. Cordeiro also scored 60% of west hills goals. He was also All State. Now that’s carrying a team.

    • Ok so explain to me how filosmar was completely shutout by palmer when they played against each other. Sure Palmer plays on a better team, but he is the backbone of the team. When westhill played against Greeenwich, filosmar wasn’t able to do anything. Im not saying it wasn’t all Palmer. But lets not forget he’s a 3 year starter. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. AS U CAN SEE WESTHILL WASNT EVEN CLOSE TO WINNING ONE

    • The matter of the fact is that both a talented players. When they went head to head, Palmer prevailed. You can ask any journalist or even Dave.

    • Junior didn’t carry his team to anything. Obviously he is talented all 4 candidates are. But they did not even make FCIACs and lost first round in the CIACs. Greenwich played 3 in the back and still only let up .5 goals a game…. the least by far out of any team, and posted 12 shutouts!

  13. TIME OUT!!!!! Guys, I don’t mind taking the time to post all the comments, but let’s not let this get out of hand. Both players are great players or I wouldn’t have selected them. Knocking one player doesn’t make the other one any better. And it isn’t right. If you want to praise one player, please do so. If not, since I have to moderate and post every comment, I am going to stop posting the negative ones. That’s not the ideal behind this contest.

    • Dave, we are not knocking one player or another. We are simply stating the FACT. When filosmar played against palmer for two years, he didn’t score nor was he effective. That is not an opinion. That is all. Thanks

  14. Guys we have to remember this is a individual award, not a “team of the week” poll. Palmer is an amazing defender and I wish him the best of luck. But let’s say he didn’t even play this year, Greenwich would still have been a top team in the state. Cordeiro is the key-stone to westhill’s success. Cordeiro and Palmer both had 10 other players on the field, and the one who stood out more was Cordeiro.

    • See but you prove my point. The reason why Junior stood out was because he played on a not so good team. I can assure you he would not start on greenwich. Not that he can’t play well. But put palmer on Westhill, and he’ll play midfield and carry the team. No knock to Cordeiro, but literally all he did against greenwich was driblle across the field. Both are good players, but palmer is the most complete. He’s not flashy but he gets the job done.

  15. Cordeiro would not start? He led the FCIAC in goals this season and was 3rd in the FCIAC last year. Put him on greenwich and he would be a deadly weapon, with the talent on that team he would fit right in. you also realize both schools play the same teams, Cordeiro scored on top FCIAC teams. yes he didnt score vs palmer, but did plamer shut out every other team? certainly there are players that are not as complete as Cordeiro and scored on GHS. both players are great players and will make a difference on any team. But Cordeiro worked much harder to reach the honors he is receiving now.

    • I don’t think you get it. If you’d tell me I had to choose between Junior or Palmer I would say Palmer. Not because Junior isn’t good, hes a good player. But the key to success is having a good defense. If you have a good offesnive player, sure he can score goals, but can that team win? No. BUT if you have a lockdown defender, then you can win games, 1-0, 2-1 and win championships. In terms of athelitic ability I think there is no comparison between them both. And no one can tell anyone who’s worked harder. All I can say is that Palmer has been A 3 YEAR STARTER on varsity. And yes, that means he started over juniors and seniors….

      • I think it is safe to say that the Greenwich defense is made up of 3 outstanding defenders. Of course Palmer stands out as the best, and is a tremendous leader. But there were countless times in the Westhill v GHS game where the other two defenders backed up Palmer. Cordeiro is a tremendous player that didn’t have the support to attack against an amazing back line. I think it is safe to say that it is incredibly impressive that a man scored 19 goals when every team he faced knew that the ball was going to be going to him; that he was one of Westhills only offensive threats. But put 3 amazing athletes against anyone, even Cordeiro, and he doesn’t stand much of a chance. Don’t get me wrong, Palmer is an amazing player and easily deserves this award as much as Cordeiro, but if you give it to Palmer, you must also give it to the 2 defenders that played along side him and helped shut Cordeiro down. Congratulations to all 4 of these amazing athletes. It is an honor just to be recognized.

    • Cordeiro is an obviously talented player, but he did not always score against the best teams. Multiple goals against bridgeport teams (with all due respect) just pad stats. Against the top 10 FCIAC teams, Greenwich gave up a combined 3 goals. That is playing the best soccer against the best teams. Palmer really led the Cards this year. When Palmer and Cordeiro played against each other, Palmer won the battle. They both worked hard to get here. Honestly though, I believe players on Greenwich like Gittings and Santini, who had numerous playoff goals, are more influential on the field than Cordeiro. That being said, it does look as if he is going to win the vote.

  16. It’s probably worth mentioning in Trevor’s bio that the previous course record time he beat at New England’s was held by an Olympian. None of the other nominees can touch that. Period.

    • Sorry kid, but in reality no matter how great and epic a runners performance, the public doesnt care about running. It’s just exciting but Im sure this kid is a hell of an athelete

      • You’re kidding right? Do you have any idea how many athletes are in Cross Country? Every race has over 250 athletes running and each Championship weeds out the slower runners. Winning New Englands is beating the best of the best in VT, NH, MA, CT, RI. FCIAC is a stepping stone for these athletes.

      • (This comment has been edited because we are not about personal attacks here. DR)

        This isn’t a contest for which sport deserves the most public attention. Trevor is far and above the best athlete in this field. I don’t see any of the other nominees’ national rankings. Sorry bud.

  17. This is stupid clearly this is popularity vote. I’ve watched Westhill against Greenwich and honestly never saw Filosmar Cordeiro do anything significant

  18. I haven’t seen anyone that had voted for Filosmar Jr trying to say words of depreciation about others! That’s something! Good luck FJR!

    • What does that have to do with anything? We are not depreciating Cordeiro. What we are saying is that he didn’t perform well at all against Palmer. So get ur facts straight Nathans hotdogs

  19. Yea, filosmar cordeiro has been on my watch for years now.. such skill, wow. i might ask him to come through to a bayern practice some time soon.

  20. I have to hand it to Filosmar Cordeiro. He’s an outstanding player and I mirror my game around his. He is fast, skillful, and athletic. There is no way he doesn’t win this award. Heck, I think he should win the Ballon D’or over me! I’m surprised he hasn’t gone pro yet… Congrats Junior on being such a great player!!!!

  21. Hahaha this is kinda funny how it’s even a debate… palmer… r u serious…. lol filomar how many did u have against trinity, and all 3 bridgeport teams… 12 out of your 19?

  22. As a starting player on a fairly successful opposing team in the FCIAC to Westhill/Greenwich/Stamford, I can say that Cordeiro was an incredible player and absolutely dominated us. He was all over the field and a parent on the team remarked he was the best player we’ve seen all year, which in reality wasn’t too far off.
    With that being said, Marc Guirand was also phenomenal and we had no idea what to do with him. He was strong on tackles, could clearly finish, was a leader on the field and made the correct decisions with the ball. 2 incredible players, it’s too bad Guirand didn’t get more consideration for this award.

  23. I am surprised by this voting and all the comments about the soccer players where each one of them has a supporting cast, while everybody has over looked the achievements of the individual in this case Trevor Hopper. He has surpassed the accomplishments of each one of these athletes combined. Obviously this is just a popularity competition and it doesn’t take into consideration the true achievements of Trevor Hopper. Non of these other athletes have won the fciac while breaking the record and then have go on to win the New England Championship and broken the records again as Trevor did. A true measure of an athlete in these types of popularity competitions should be measured over their peers of the history of their sport. Not a single won of these soccer players had broken any state or regional records, while Trevor has not only won both the fciac and new england championships with his record times surpassed every cross country runner ever in New England. Dave we all understand the importance of acknowledging the accomplishments of all four of these athletes where they have all achieved stardom within their own sport however popularity does not recognize the true accomplishments of the individual achievements of the lesser known sport of cross country. Good luck Trevor at the National Championships.

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