Enter The Splash Hype Video Showdown

Hype videos have become the rage for high school sports teams, which have long used car washes as a means of raising funds for season activities.

Thanks to Splash Car Wash, we are going to combine the two with The Splash Hype Video Showdown.

The winning prize: the chance to hold a fundraising car wash at the nearest Splash location, with the guarantee of raising a minimum of $500 for your team, and possibly much more.

The rules are simple and the contest is open to any FCIAC spring team: make a hype video lasting ideally between one to two minutes. We will have three judges review them and pick the winner, which will get to hold a car wash on an agreed-upon weekend date this spring. Splash will start the team off with $500. After that, the team will get an additional $3 per car over the normal daily average for the day. The more cars you encourage to come get washed, the more money you raise. Plus teams will have the option of holding a bake sale and keeping all the proceeds.

So this is an excellent way for teams to show their spirit and raise money for the season.

The deadline for the contest is Monday April 9. We will pick a winner that week.

So get those cameras working and entries ready for the The Splash Hype Video Showdown.

(If possible, please send an email to rudenreport@icloud.com if you intend to enter so we can be on the lookout for your video.)