Cunningham Steps Down As Wilton’s Football Coach

Bruce Cunningham

Bruce Cunningham stepped down as Wilton’s football coach today, continuing a busy offseason of changes in the FCIAC.

Cunningham informed the school’s athletic director, Chris McDougal, this morning.

Cunningham led the Warriors to a 6-4 record last season, ending with wins over Westhill and Trinity Catholic by a combined 99-6 margin.

Wilton was 39-52 during Cunningham’s nine years, including 13-7 the last two seasons. Cunningham was voted Coach of the Year by his peers in 2016.

Under Cunningham, the Warriors had a reputation of always playing hard and often overachieving despite having fewer numbers in the program than most other schools, and using an effective running game in an era of spread offenses.

Cunningham was the team’s defensive coordinator when he took over for Tim Eagen, who resigned in the spring of 2009.

Wilton becomes the sixth of the league’s 17 schools that will have new coaches when next season begins. The others include Brien McMahon, Bridgeport Central, Danbury, Trumbull and Staples. Marce Petroccio last month moved from Staples to Trumbull, his alma mater.



  1. Mixed emotions about this. He was a great guy that was well liked by the Wilton community. But, there’s no doubt that when you compare Wilton’s success in youth football to its mediocre at best high-school program, it’s clear that something was wrong with the coaching. An archaic offense and incredibly low player numbers held the program back from realizing it’s full potential to at least compete with the top FCIAC teams. Look at Wilton’s basketball program, a good coaching change turned them from cellar dwellers to consistent league competitors. Won’t be surprised to see him on another local programs defensive staff soon. Also sad to see this had to end with a parenting dispute which just further emphasizes Wlton’s salty parents. But either way, I hope Wilton’s athletic department will go after a good coach who’ll bring a modern approach to the game like all the other successful coaches in the conference…

  2. Youth football success has no impact on HS football success. Youth football can be dominated by 3-4 players on a team playing both ways. Very few (If any)successful FCIAC team’s have players going both ways. The big problem Wilton has is a parental interference issue that the AD needs to put a end to quickly.

  3. Agree with sotrue. Some towns have 3 or 4 FCFL youth teams and struggle against towns with 1 or 2 teams. That changes in high school when the best players from those 3 to 4 team towns choose the best players to form 1 team. However, head coaching ability has a big influence.

  4. I doubt Wilton will get anyone good to coach based on their terrible record with parents. Look at what has gone on just with field hockey and girls soccer. who would want to coach in a place where when you don’t play the right parents’ kid you get pushed out?

  5. This is very sad. Coach Cunningham was as good a coach as Ive ever had. He was extremely inspirational, tough and made a little kid like myself at the time feel so confident. I played ball for him at 5’7″ 125 lbs and made the all FCIAC team bc he and only he believed in my abilities and gave me a shot. This led to college recruits approaching me about Defensive Back and Special Teams offers. Couldnt thank this man more for what I have become today. Thank you coach!

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