Girls Volleyball

Commentary: Ford Used Fast Lane At Greenwich To Achieve Success On And Off Court

GREENWICH — If there was a contest to find the most refreshingly unique FCIAC athlete for the last school year, Tara Ford would be difficult to beat.

Consider: Ford, who graduated from Greenwich in June, had three free periods at the end of her senior year and voluntary decided to take two AP courses, in economics and psychology, even though she had no experience in either subject. She does not have a driver’s license so she walks to many places (fortunately she lives close to downtown). Ford spent so much time studying as a junior that a lack of sleep related to her puncturing a lung.

Commentary: Ridgefield Looking Locked In For Sustained Across-The-Board Success

RIDGEFIELD — Darien has been the premier sports program in the FCIAC and perhaps the state for the last several years. In many respects, with the facilities, support system and now even an in-house program to stream games, it might seem closer to a Division III college than a high school athletic department.

Commentary: Volleyball Farm System Has Made Ridgefield Early Team To Beat

While many wondered if the Ridgefield volleyball team would be able to come close to replicating the best season in program history, its coach, Lidania Cibere, felt like a poker player holding a good hand but being modest throwing chips onto the table for fear of scaring off the rest of the players.