Girls Volleyball

Commentary: Ridgefield Looking Locked In For Sustained Across-The-Board Success

RIDGEFIELD — Darien has been the premier sports program in the FCIAC and perhaps the state for the last several years. In many respects, with the facilities, support system and now even an in-house program to stream games, it might seem closer to a Division III college than a high school athletic department.

Commentary: Volleyball Farm System Has Made Ridgefield Early Team To Beat

While many wondered if the Ridgefield volleyball team would be able to come close to replicating the best season in program history, its coach, Lidania Cibere, felt like a poker player holding a good hand but being modest throwing chips onto the table for fear of scaring off the rest of the players.

Commentary: For Greenwich’s De Jesus, Fulfillment In Gymnastics A Selfless Discovery

GREENWICH — Which FCIAC athlete is the most dominant in his or her sport? It is an open debate, but Greenwich’s Adnerys De Jesus is certainly in the discussion.

Narrow down the question to pick the performer with the best combination of talent and selflessness and De Jesus, as is usually the case, might stand alone on the top pedestal.

Commentary: FCIAC Sports In 2016 Offered Welcome Reprieve From Outside World

If you have scanned your Twitter feed at any point during the past month, it is easy to see why there is a strong sentiment to give 2016 a swift kick into the rear-view mirror. Often this has been in response to the growing list of celebrity losses in the entertainment world; we have seen the deaths of an extraordinary number of performers with visionary talent, especially in the music world.

Girls Basketball 2016-17: Ridgefield’s Curnal Perfect Case Study On Early College Commitments

RIDGEFIELD — Caroline Curnal has spent the entire school year in the Ridgefield High School gymnasium. Right now she is going through practices with the girls basketball team, which opens the season on the road Monday against Masuk. Curnal will play an increased role for the Tigers this season, moving into the starting lineup for a team that graduated its two best players, but is still considered a contender.

Vote For The BlueStreak-Ruden Report Fall Female Player Of The Year

After a long list of memorable accomplishments over the past two months, it is time for you to decide who was the very best of the best. We have selected nine outstanding finalists for our BlueStreak-Ruden Report FCIAC Fall Female Player of the Year award.