Win A $250 Gift Certificate In The Colony Grill-Ruden Report Challenge

Enter And Win A $250 Gift Certificate In The Colony Grill-Ruden Report Challenge

A new school year and fall season are under way, and Colony Grill and The Ruden Report are going to give one FCIAC fall team the chance to hold a preseason dinner together with a $250 gift certificate that can be used at one of its current locations, in Stamford, Fairfield and Milford (a new one is coming soon to Norwalk).

We are calling it the Colony Grill-Ruden Report Challenge.

Just as coaches are making it tough to get you in shape with long early practices, we too are going to make you work hard for the prize, but have fun in the process.

Capomolla Well-Groomed For New Role As Westhill Volleyball Coach

Capomolla Well-Groomed For New Role As Westhill Volleyball Coach

STAMFORD — A familiar face to Westhill High School’s junior varsity volleyball team is returning but in a new role. Marianna Capomolla is eager to lead the Vikings to a championship title, this time as head coach.

Capomolla has been well groomed for her first head position. At the tender age of 9 years old she began playing pick-up games with her sister. Soon the sport she “picked up” would become a passion of hers that she had to share with others.

Capomolla’s experience includes being an outside hitter for Stamford High School and libero at Eastern Connecticut State University, where she broke the dig record in just three years. After graduating from Eastern, Capomolla returned to her college as assistant coach. This would soon trigger a domino effect leading her to pursue more coaching endeavors, including assisting her high school alma mater and coach Mike Smeriglio.

Analysis: FCIAC's New Broadcast Deal One Of Many Refinements In Facing Future

Analysis: FCIAC’s New Broadcast Deal One Of Many Changes In Facing Future

Discussing today’s announced partnership between the FCIAC and the HAN Network, a friend of mine who had children that played in the league asked a fairly reasonable question: Is there any reason I should care?

A lot of that depends on both your vantage point and expectations. In the very basic Xs and Os, league fans will see far greater streaming coverage on the HAN Network than they got on MSGVarsity. The fall broadcast schedule the rebranded company once known as Hersam Acorn Newspapers distributed included 25 league games. There are 11 football, five boys soccer, three girls soccer and six field hockey games. Fifteen of the 17 schools will appear at one time.

That is the obvious big plus, and remember it is just a starting point that likely will only grow with time. The negative? If it is a concern of yours, the level of production at the outset won’t be up to a par with MSGVarsity, which isn’t a knock at the HAN Network. MSGVarsity has the Cablevision machine behind it, the infrastructure and a workforce of people mainly with broadcast journalism backgrounds. In other words, it is to be expected.